by It's Safe, I Swear

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released November 8, 2013



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It's Safe, I Swear Indianapolis, Indiana

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Track Name: Cracks
Can you see the man I've become?
I mean, the mess that I've made.
I will never break down these walls that I have built up
to keep my mistakes guarded from you.

Tear me down.
Watch my mistakes fall to the ground.
Build me up to take back my life.
Track Name: Hopeless
Can you see the light inside my eyes
or has it gone black like the night?
Finding sleep is getting harder.
Higher heads are sinking lower.

Finding peace inside this wretched hole
is gnawing my skin and breaking my bones.
When will I start to feel alive?
When will I start living life like I’m not dying?
(Living life like I’m not dying)

Can you take this life from me?
Can you give me eyes to see
that I’m not the only person
living their life like a broken record?

Always searching
for a new path to follow.

Where has my hope gone?
Maybe it’s tied to this rope
(to this rope)
in which we dangle from…

In these past 20 years
I have never felt more unhappy
with the man I’m becoming.
What am I becoming?

I spend each day hoping for a change
a break in the wind that pushes me down
every single road I take
to find just one ounce of happiness.
But you don’t have to live like this.
Living on the edge of a knife.

You can be the change if you really want to be.
You can be the change that the world needs.
Be the change.
You can be the change, you just have to keep pushing.
Track Name: Changeling
Two worlds collide to paint a portrait
of a picture that most will never see,
but if you open up your own mind
you’ll find something we've all been searching for.

Building up walls is your first nature,
tearing them down is my art-form.

When will you see there’s a light at the end of your tunnel?
We've all been searching for a sign
but we all find hope in the bottom of a barrel
that we suffocate with hatred.

Judgment has been passed down by your peers.
Will you follow the path that you've made for yourself?
Judging everybody.


You can be the change in your life.
Stop pretending and start living.

You abide by what you’re told.
Buying every book you’re sold.
When will you be what you want
and stop being what you’re not?

Change your life.
Be the change.
Be the change in your.

Be the change that you want to see in your life.
Be the change.
Be the change that you want to see in your life.
Track Name: Home In A Hole
Is this all in my head?

Walking down these streets alone.
Trying to find a stable home.
Where I can bury my bones.
And I’ll be all alone.
Digging up my home.

Is this all in my head?

My hands are covered in dirt
from digging away my hurt.
I’m building my new home
from all these broken bones.

Is this my fate that I've made for myself?
I’ll dig this hole that I will bury myself into.
Because of the bridges that I've burnt to the ground
with the fires that I have started.

The fires that I’ve started
will soon burn down these bridges I've built
to get me to this point of
to get me to this point of life.

Every bridge I’ve burnt to the ground
will be used to make my home.
Make my home in this hole.

Track Name: Lone
Have you ever
been so cold
that you’re struggling for air?

Have you ever
been so lost
that even your closest friends
feel so far?

Well, I promise
that you’re never
alone right here.

You’re never alone in my heart
even though, it breaks.
Track Name: Rotten Apple
Remember the day I was born?
You said you’d love me forevermore
but the day quickly came
when you did not feel the same.

What did I do to make you stop caring about me?
Well, you see, I’m going my own way.

What did I do for you to see that I’m going my own way?
I’m being who I want to be
and I won’t change a God damn thing.

You’re nothing more than everyone else.
What happened to the blood we shared?
What happened to it?
When were we a family?

I’m just a bad seed
falling from your tree.
I’m just a bad apple
falling from your tower.

I am a rotten apple
rotting down to my core
take a bite
and wither away.
Track Name: Mirrors
Why do I try when all I do is fail?
The entire world is going to hell.
Watch the glass fall to the floor.
Is this everything you thought you'd adore?

Stop and look at yourself...

You cannot take the sight of your face anymore.
I cannot bare the sight of my own reflection anymore.
When will you learn that you are just a clone of someone else?
Take a look at yourself and break the glass that stands before you.

(Take a look at yourself)
Take a look at the mirror and look at the lies that you have built.
(Avert your eyes from the sight)
Break apart the things that you don't think that you are and be yourself.

Break the glass that lies to you and find yourself through the pieces that you've cut yourself on.
When will you see that this is something we've wanted you to do. Stop faking your life and just be you.

Take the shards found in your heart.
Cast them out.
Pick up the pieces.

Cast the shards of your heart.
Build yourself up brand new.

Stop faking yourself and just be you.
Stop bleeding out from the mirrors that lie to you.

Seven years bad luck.
Track Name: Flooded Lungs
When rain fell on the day that we met
I swear I knew it’d be the same
as the day you left.
You left me here to sink.

I never was good enough for you
but you thought the difference was me.
Now we fade into darkness.
Like I was left in this shadow of doubt.
And I’ve had enough of all of these lies.

When rain fell on the day that we met
I swear I knew it’d be the same
as the day you left.
You left me here to sink.

The water is filling up my lungs
from the rain that fell when we first met
When you said that I was going to be the one
that would have stayed in your life till you died,
then you lied.

I never thought I’d give up who I was to please you.
Track Name: Sympathy (ft. Kevin Kirk & Dakota Johnson)
This goes out to everyone of you
who said, “I was a fucking fool”
To everyone who’s let me down.
To everyone who’s stabbed me in the back.

Remember when I was the one that you claimed was your best friend?
When did it end?
Remember everyday we spent talking shit about everyone?
I never thought I’d be the one that you talked about.
When did your arrogance start?
When will it end?


I don’t want your sympathy
(I don’t want anything)
That’s not something you’ll get from me
(fuck your sympathy)
Why won’t you let me be
(why won’t you let me?)
this lonely fuck
(just let me be)
who’s got something more than what you’ll offer?

What happened to the days when we were close?
Closer than blood..
You turned your back on me and walked away
with nothing more than a smile on your face.
When I was so vulnerable.
You left me here to sink..
Track Name: Therapist (ft. Mike Sugars)
“I wish you all had one neck and my hands were around it”
Then maybe you’ll realize how it truly feels.
How it feels when her life is hanging by a fucking thread.

I’ll rip out your eyes from the sight of her blood.
I’ll take back your life that my God handed you.
When will you learn that you are a fucking prick?

I still taste you between my teeth.
I don’t want to hurt you.
I’m just being me.

When will you learn that you are nothing to everyone?
When will you learn that we all want you dead?
We want you dead.

When will you meet your end?
(your end)
Track Name: Growing
This journey we travel won’t be there tomorrow
but if we keep searching for a sign
then there’s no going back
we will never give up on what we've become.

I see the light that casts shadows on all of us.
I see the darkness that tries to mold us.

I remember growing up and finding out
what life truly was and understanding
we can change.
(we can change)